4WD Tour

Tarif per person: 50 euros / 6 000 xpf
Children up to age 2: free
Children up to age 12: half price

4WD Tour

A tour all by yourselves, for half or full day

Half day: 350 euros / 42 000 xpf
Full day: 500 euros / 60 000 xpf

There are a few options for lunch on full day tour, just ask us.

Customized 4WD tour
"À la carte"

Contact us with your widest ideas, and we will adapt our tour for you !

Discovering Moorea

The great classic A well packed tour!

We'll share our passion for Moorea with you, during a stroll enlivened by magnificent views, stories and information, all in a relaxed, smiling atmosphere.

During this half-day tour, we'll visit Cook's Bay and a vanilla plantation in the "Tropical Garden" overlooking Opunohu Bay. (closed Sunday afternoons).

We'll also taste local jams, then take you on a tour of the pineapple plantations and stop for a tasting of the products made at Moorea's "Manutea" fruit juice and alcohol factory. (Closed on Sundays).

The not-to-be-missed Magic Mountain with its breathtaking views is also part of the tour. We'll finish inland, with a stop at Belvedere (a viewpoint in the crater of an ancient volcano).

No special clothing is required for this tour, but sun cream and mosquito repellent will certainly be appreciated. In certain seasons, a poncho may also be wise.

Transfer being included from your accommodation, the tour will start where the last passengers will be picked ip.

Our team

Karen The tahitian dancer

Karen grew up in Moorea, with a Tahitian father and a mother from the Cook Islands, making her perfectly trilingual in English, French and Tahitian.

She'll be delighted to share with you all about her island's history, legends, flora, traditional medicines and her passion for Polynesian dance. You're sure to be seduced by her authenticity

Franckyfranck The man behind the legend

He has been living on Moorea for over twenty-five years, an island he is passionate about. Through his tour, he wants to share with you the pleasure he gets from living here.

His tour is based on years of experience sharing the best views, stories, culture and flora, all in a relaxed and smiling atmosphere.

Tammo AKA "Netflix"

Arrived in Polynesia by boat 26 years ago, his many trips around the world have made him a polyglot who speaks French, German, Spanish, English, Italian and Tahitian!

His passion for history, legends, geology, plants, pearls and Polynesian culture make Tammo a guide who will captivate you at every stop, and whose tour is as exciting as a serie whose next episode we can't wait to see.

Karen The discreet efficiency

Born in Tahiti, Karen is the embodiment of Polynesian kindness and sweetness. You sadly won't see her because she's in charge of the administrative side of things, but her smile is behind every email and response you get on the Internet!

In fact, behind every great FranckyFranck success story is the great Karen!

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